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I'd like to say Thank You very much to everyone who I've been lucky enough to meet and help throughout my career!
Kevin J. Overstreet: President

About Our Title Company

Located in Tampa, FL, Insured Title Agency (ITA) is an independent title agency providing full title and closing services in 47 states.

Founded in April of 2006, ITA has been built on the principles of providing excellent customer service to our clients and an enjoyable work atmosphere for our team members. We are one of just a few independent title companies that have maintained exactly the same structure for nearly 10 years. With the recent "Mortgage Crisis", most of our competitors either closed their doors or were forced to make ownership changes in order to remain in business. We have been able to thrive in a challenging market due to our quality of work. We enjoy wonderful working relationships with two of the largest and highest rated title insurance underwriters, Stewart Title and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance. ITA has been underwritten by both of these companies since our inception in 2006, and we currently have $0 in total losses due to title claims.

Why choose ITA? When deciding which title company to use for your next real estate transaction, there are a few things to consider:

Underwriters. ITA is underwritten by two of the largest and most sought-after underwriters, Stewart Title and Commonwealth Land Title. Over the years, many other smaller underwriters have pursued a business relationship with us. We've chosen to avoid the "upstart" underwriters that will underwrite for nearly any agency. Our underwriters have an extremely strict approval process, which causes nearly all applicants to be rejected. Due to the quality of our work, our underwriters allow us to conduct our title searches "in-house"... allowing us to make nearly all underwriting decisions ourselves. Each of them have multiple (brilliant) attorneys who are on call for us with any questions or challenging scenarios. When choosing a title company, be sure they are underwritten by a solid title insurance company. The policy that insures your homeownership is an important one, so consider the source.

Ownership. ITA is solely owned by Kevin Overstreet. Kevin began his career in the title insurance industry in St Louis, MO in 1998, and opened his first title company in 2003. No other person or entity has an ownership interest in ITA, and ITA is not "affiliated" with any other business. We do not work with bank or asset management companies' REO properties (post-foreclosure, bank owned properties). What this all means is that we compete for every deal. Every client who chooses ITA does so because of our excellent service, rather than because they are "steered" our direction because of an ownership interest or some other shady arrangement. We're absolutely confident that our clients see the difference every time they work with us.

We're The CLOSERS. ITA is a truly independent title agency. There are other types of title companies.
Here are some thoughts about company structure:

Attorney-owned: Unlike an attorney-owned title company, our entire focus is on closing real estate transactions. Attorneys are typically paid for their time. At ITA, we're only paid for a result. This gives us the same motivation as our clients... closings! We bring creativity and professionalism to every transaction. It's very common that we end up closing a transaction that a competitor couldn't, or wouldn't, close. This is not to say that we take unacceptable risks. Rather, it tells you that if there is a way to get it done.we will find it. Attorneys who handle title and closings typically practice other areas of law. At ITA, all we do is close transactions.

Realtor-Owned: This is a very common structure. Real estate brokers will often open a title company in order to make more money from transactions. We feel strongly that this type of title company should be avoided if at all possible. The fees that are charged will typically be much higher than with a company such as ITA, particularly to the Buyer. The larger issue that exists with this structure is the lack of independence between the real estate company and title company. A title company is supposed to be a somewhat disinterested third party, protecting everyone's interests equally. This is obviously not the case when the title company is owned by the real estate company. These title companies are often staffed with part-time people who also help with the real estate agency's business.

Direct underwriters: We love our underwriters! Stewart Title and Commonwealth Title are two of the best companies in the business, and we truly value our relationship with them. That said, working with a title agency (like ITA) has many benefits that may not exist with the retail offices for the underwriters.

REO Title Companies: If you're in real estate, and you actually do've worked with the title companies that handle REO transactions. ITA is not one of them. Again, we compete for every closing.

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If you are a current client of ITA, we'd like to take a moment to say "Thank You Very Much" for all you have done for us. Without the loyal group of clients and friends we have been fortunate enough to meet, we would not be where we are today.